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Includes: PPC, SEO, Adwords
Online course
Course certificate (50% mark)
10 videos lessons
For beginners to search marketing
8 hours - complete over 1-2 days

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How To Get Your First Job In Search Marketing For Recent Graduates (or any first jobbers)

Dive head first into the challenging world that is Google with our Search Engine Marketing Training Course. Perhaps you’ve seen a job that requires you to do SEO but you don’t have enough confidence talking about it at interview? Maybe you’ve applied and been unsuccessful for roles that include PPC? Or is it that you fancy working in digital marketing but you don’t really understand how businesses drive users to their websites?

Not to worry – this training course starts at the very beginning and pieces together everything you need to know to speak confidently about search whatever the situation. In fact, we’d go so far as saying that you will walk away with all this:

  • Know your SEO and PPC from your CPC and SEM
  • Learn which search marketing tools to use for what activity and HOW to use them
  • Avoid being caught out by industry lingo and acronyms
  • Keep up-to date with the latest industry developments (it moves so fast!)
  • Know where to go to get accurate and reliable information to help your career blossom

When you enrol today, you’ll get instant access to:

  • The Search Engine Marketing Training Course For Beginners
  • 7 Core Modules
  • 21 Video Lessons
  • 12 Handouts
  • 3 Section Tests

On successful completion of the Search Engine Marketing Training – that means achieving an overall mark of 50% or more – you will also receive:

  • A course certificate to show potential employers and interviewees.
  • A badge that you can display on LinkedIn, your email signature or your blog.
  • Confidence that you know what you are talking about!

In This Search Engine Marketing Training You’ll Learn:

  • The key skills and attributes a search marketing professional needs.
  • The types of entry-level search marketing roles and what to expect.
  • Why “I’m really passionate about getting this job” doesn’t cut it for recruiters.
  • The secret ingredients that employers are looking for in a new recruit.
  • How to create a cover letter, CV and online profile with a WOW! factor.
  • The 10 hard and fast digital marketing interview rules you simply have to obey.
  • The secret to marketing interview answers that pack a punch.

And if that’s not enough, you will also learn all this about search marketing…

  • The fundamental difference between paid search (PPC) and natural search (SEO)
  • How Google, Yahoo! and Bing make their money and what that means for a business you may work for
  • What the significance of Google’s quality score is
  • Case studies explaining HOW businesses actually use SEO and PPC to get users to their site
  • What a SERPs (search engine results page is and how it is deconstructed)
  • Why brands want to appear above-the-fold (the top of the search page)
  • What makes up Google’s search algorithm and what is most important?
  • How to set up your very first PPC campaign – step-by-step
  • The exact process for conducting keyword research and creating ad groups
  • The importance of the landing page (after clicking on a search result)
  • How to optimise your website pages for SEO and PPC
  • Longtail search terms explained and their significance
  • How to write and create effective text ads for Google
  • Where to go to get SEO and PPC advice you can trust

Can You Walk The Walk?

Let’s face it there are thousands of graduates (600,000 to be precise) each year.

A large portion of whom are looking for the highest paid, most fun, most challenging, and sexy digital marketing job.

So how do you get to the top of the pile? Guarantee yourself an interview?

You have to show that you know what you are talking about.

That’s the big problem. Most of you don’t (sorry!)

When I was Marketing Director that was my problem. I interviewed hundreds of candidates for entry-level search and web roles and no-one knew what they were talking about. Not a scoobie! And yet you are expected to. It’s seems unfair I know.

You don’t learn this stuff at university, neither will you learn it in a few weeks work experience making the tea.

At Digital Marketing For Grads we don’t just teach you marketing theory, we actually show you what you’d be doing day to day. And we’re able to do that because that’s what we do. We’re not lecturers, academics, journalists or researchers, we are digital marketing professionals. We’ll show you real examples and case studies of how businesses use search marketing.

We actually do this stuff every day. And now we are going to teach you.

We walk the walk. Can you?

How It Works

Search Engine Marketing Training - VideoStep 1 – Take The Course

Allocate one or two days uninterrupted you time. Make a cup of tea, sit down and watch the videos. Take notes throughout. Replay the videos if you need to. There are 9 sections to go through in total. (A complete course breakdown can be found at the bottom of this page.

Search Engine Marketing Training- pass the testStep 2 – Pass The Test

At the end of each core search module you will take a brief test to ensure that you have understood the basic concepts in the training so far. The tests aren’t designed to trick you. All the answers are covered in the training. You must achieve a pass mark of 50% or more on the final test to become certified.

Search Engine Marketing Training - Get CertifiedStep 3 – Get Certified!

This is the bit you’ve worked hard for. Take your certificate to interviews with you. Display your badge on your LinkedIn profile for recruiters to see.


The Nitty Gritty (detailed course breakdown)

Section 1The Admin (it's quick, but essential!))
Lesson 1Welcome to search marketing
Lesson 2How to get the most out of your training
Lesson 3Course overview
Lesson 4Access your downloads
Section 2Is Search Marketing For You?
Lesson 5Discover the skills, attributes and experience needed for a role in search marketing
Lesson 6The 5 types of entry-level search marketing roles
Lesson 7Skills, attributes and experience worksheet
Section 3Learning to walk the talk (part 1): Understanding the basics of search marketing so you have a solid foundation to build upon
Lesson 8The history of search
Lesson 9What is search?
Lesson 10The anatomy of a search results page
Section Test
Section 4Learning to walk the talk (part 2): Discover how search marketing is used in business today so you can talk confidently about it at interview
Lesson 11The nuts and bolts of SEO
Lesson 12The nuts and bolts of PPC
Lesson 13Search at Work - 3 real business case studies
Section Test
Section 5Creating a stand-out job application
Lesson 14How to market yourself effectively to make sure you're the one that gets invited to interview
Lesson 15How to write a cracking cover letter
Lesson 16How to produce a stunning CV
Lesson 17How to effectively manage your online/social profile
Lesson 18CV template download
Lesson 19Cover letter template download
Section 6Preparing For Your Interview
Lesson 20Getting ready for your interview (without getting nervous or it driving you crazy)
Lesson 2110 things recruiters are looking for at interview
Section 7The Interview
Lesson 22How to make your interviewer remember you
Lesson 2310 search marketing interview questions (and how to answer them)
Lesson 24Cheat sheet: 50 questions you can ask at interview (that will make you look great)
Section 84 Amazing Bonus Elements That Will Help You For Years To Come
Lesson 25Search marketing tools matrix
Lesson 26Search marketing jargon buster
Lesson 27Search marketing bibliography
Lesson 28Industry updates (for life!)
Section 9You've got the job. Yay. What now?
Lesson 29How to set up your first SEO campaign
Lesson 30How to set up your first PPC campaign
Lesson 31Google Adwords product demo
Lesson 32Understanding the key metrics, data & analytics
Section Test
Final Test
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