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Digital Marketing For Graduates is here to help you learn enough about digital marketing so that you get your CV to the top of the pile, ace your interview and wow your first boss.

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Digital Marketing Training To Help You Master The Essentials

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Search Engine Marketing

Fancy diving into the world of Google and learning how to drive people to websites? Search Marketing is a vital activity for every business that has a website.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is the new kid on the block – but is definitely here to stay! Think one-click checkout, ApplePay, QR codes and the good old fashioned SMS. 

Ecommerce & Conversion

It’s not accidental that Amazon became the daddy of internet retailing. They did a lot of testing. Find out what makes you click the orange ‘buy now’ button and much more.

Email Marketing

A stalwart of marketing communications – crafting email that works requires a creative, a wordsmith, an analyst and a strategist. Could this be you?

Social Media Marketing

What could be better than tweeting, poking, connecting and liking every day? There’s more to it than that; but if you’re a Facebook aficionado – that’s half the battle won already.

Content Marketing

Calling all storytellers. You choose the medium (videos, blogs, images, webinars, podcasts…). Make it compelling, make it engaging and make someone click on it. Job done!

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What This Is (And Isn't)

A quick start, self-study programme that gives you a solid grasp of the principles of digital marketing

Advice from industry veterans with real world experience

Affordable and fast - gets you where you need to be in days (not months!)

An accredited training course with a high price tag

Theoretical marketing that won't help you in the real world

Weeks or months of intense study

All Courses Come With Four Free Bonus Elements

Updated and available for life!

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