Digital Marketing Jobs

Where To Find Your First Digital Marketing Job

We’ve compiled this information to point you in the right direction of the best recruitment resources available to first jobbers in digital marketing. Believe it or not there are many routes available to you apart from the Graduate Scheme. Among those options are taking an internship or apprenticeship, working for a start-up or small business, working for a tech business, working for a charity, finding a placement abroad or working for a digital marketing agency.

If you’re not in line for a graduate scheme, don’t worry, only 10% of grads actually go on to take a placement in the UK, and the bulk of those are based in London in more traditional sectors such as Finance, IT, Law and Retail.

If you want a somewhat more exciting career digital marketing job read on…

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Top Places To Look For An Internship

It’s sad but true, many companies won’t look at you unless you have some work experience or have completed an internship or apprenticeship. Here are some really great websites that list internship placements as well as offering a humungous amount of advice…


Enternships was founded in 2009 by Young Global Leader Rajeeb...
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Graduate Talent Pool

A government initiative to help new and recent graduates gain...
Read More have many active graduate schemes, graduate jobs and internship opportunities...
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Inspiring Interns

Inspiring Interns is a graduate recruitment agency that specialises in...
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JobLab is a recruitment platform that matches you with suitable roles. Simply...
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Rate My Placement

When it comes to placements and internships for undergraduates, RateMyPlacement...
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Recruitment Agencies That Specialise in Digital Marketing Graduate Roles

There are hundreds of recruitment agencies in the UK who you could approach. Here we’ve listed some agencies that we know recruit entry-level digital marketing roles. 

Beringer Tame

Beringer Tame is a specialist Digital Recruitment consultancy based between...
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Cranberry Panda

A specialist ecommerce recruitment agency from the founders of
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Escape Hatch

Go to Escape Hatch for media, creative, digital marketing &...
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Forward Role Recruitment

Forward Role recruitment are an agency who specialise in Marketing,...
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Give a grad a go

Give A Grad A Go is a London based, graduate...
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Market Recruit

Market Recruit are a specialist B2B marketing recruitment agency with offices...
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Orchard Recruitment

Orchard are based in Leeds and Manchester and their client base...
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Talent Hub

A digital and marketing recruitment agency in our home town...
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The Candidate

The Candidate may sound like something from The Apprentice, but...
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Work for a cool start-up or tech business

Working for a start-up is great for first jobbers because you get to experience everything from making the tea to strategy, and, you will understand really quickly how the business works. Plus, startups tend to be picky and hire the most talented, innovative people, so it goes without saying that you will learn a lot.

Luckily for you, this is the biggest area looking for digital talent, as, I’m sure you’ve heard, the start-up tech scene has taken off dramatically in the UK and elsewhere. Every time we come across a new start-up who expresses an interest in hiring graduates we’ll add them here, so be sure to bookmark this page and check back regularly.

But for now, take a look at these resources. You may need to show initiative by approaching founders of companies that you fancy working for directly, but that type of effort often pays big dividends.

Startup Bootcamp

This is a great place to keep an eye out...
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Startups 100

Startups 100 is the only ranked index of the UK’s hottest...
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Unicorn Hunt

A start-up job board by 3beards who are a company...
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Work for a Digital Marketing Agency

There are hundreds if not thousands of digital marketing and marketing agencies in the UK. Many of whom offer entry-level roles. Here is a selection of agencies that we’ve worked with and who we know employ graduates.


iCrossing is a digital marketing agency owned by Hearst Magazines (so...
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Yodel Mobile

Yodel Mobile is a full-service mobile marketing agency who work...
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