Business FAQs

Can I choose my Graduate?

Unfortunately not. The matching process is done by our team who look at the Graduate’s interests, previous experience, location and other factors. If you want to choose the person you work with then our direct recruitment programme is perhaps more suitable, where you can meet and interview a Digital Marketing Graduate like a normal recruitment process, and employ them directly if they fit the bill. There is a one-off recruitment fee for this if the candidate is successful.

Can my Graduate start on my campaign immediately?

No. Because it is a training programme, Graduates follow a set structure that includes video training followed by the production of a campaign plan to meet your campaign objective. This includes avatars of your target audience, development of campaign messages, activity timeline, tools needed to run the campaign, budget allocation and key performance indicators and measurement.

If you need somebody to start working for your business immediately, you can hire one of our Graduates directly.

What does it cost?

Take on a Graduate Programme

£500 (ex. VAT). This is a training fee that pays for the delivery of the Programme. It’s a one-off payment you make before confirming your place.

We also ask you to commit to a £100 tools and media spend, as often some paid media or use of paid tools and software is a vital part of a successful digital marketing strategy. This spend will be billed upon your sign-off of the campaign plan which will include precise details of how the money will be spent.

Hire A Graduate Programme

£1,500 (ex. VAT). This is the recruitment fee if you would prefer to employ one of our Graduates immediately without taking part in our ‘Take On A Trainee’ programme.

Can I employ my Graduate immediately at the end of the training?

Yes, many of our Business Partners go on to employ their Digital Marketing Trainee when the project finishes, (although there is no obligation to do so). If you do decide to do this, we charge a recruitment fee of £750 (ex. VAT) for full-time employment – £500 due immediately and £250 after 6 months successful employment, during which time we continue to mentor the Graduate. We can also help set the graduate up as a freelancer should that be a better option for your business and something that the Trainee is keen to do. In those circumstances we charge a referral fee of £350.

What skills and experience do your Graduates have?

All our Graduates are recent graduates (graduated within the last 2 years). The training is not limited to university graduates however, we also take higher education college graduates who may have completed a BTEC/national diploma or similar.

How much of my time will the training take-up?

It’s up to you just how involved you want to be. The idea is that it doesn’t take up much of your time at all. The minimum we ask you to commit to is roughly half an hour every week for the duration of the Programme that includes a weekly catch-up call with your Graduate. This can sometimes be less and sometimes a bit more. Certain weeks you may have deadlines to sign-off on things for your Graduate.

Who is ultimately responsible for the Graduate?

We are. Every Graduate is assigned a Mentor who is an experienced digital marketing professional. The mentors are on hand to answer questions but also to troubleshoot any issues that may arise. We encourage you to view this experience as a process that gives you the experience of observing the Graduate and fulfilling an untapped marketing opportunity without the ultimate responsibility of training and managing them. The Graduate is not an employee of yours, or ours, and is taking part in the programme voluntarily and as such is free to walk away at any point during the training.

What happens in the event of a mistake?

Sometimes mistakes happen – we are all human. In our experience they actually happen far less than you would imagine. In the event that the Graduate makes a mistake you should contact us immediately, and we will assess the situation and look to rectify it with you. The project work can always be switched off immediately should you need it to be. Please rest assured that we have never had to do this before.

How do I sign up?

To sign-up simply complete our getting started form, and we will be in touch to discuss your business requirements.