14 Jan 2016

Fortune Magazine Takes Its Cover Parody One Step Too Far…

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Do You Agree?

Fortune magazine published a picture of Amazon president Jeff Bezoz as a Hindu God to illustrate their article that investigated how the online retailer Amazon is looking to expand its business into India’s trillion dollar market. The article was titled ‘Amazon Invades India’.

Fortune has since found itself under fire from Hindus for trivialising a figure of worship.

Be Mindful Of Others

We all do silly things and make mistakes – even big businesses! In this case the lesson is to be mindful of religious sensitivities. But, when publishing anything be it an email, a web page, an advert, anything, it’s really important to be mindful and respectful of your subject matter and your audience.

Often in marketing there is a fine line. It can be tricky to get it right. You want to be controversial so people stand up and take notice. You want to be funny so people laugh. You want to be clever so people admire you. But never too over the top that you offend.

Challenge Your Audience

My advice is to share your creative output with other people before publishing it. Whether it’s images, videos, audio, copy or even your CV! Ask them what they think, especially if you are going for something that challenges your audience. It’s good to be brave and adventurous with your ideas and those of you who are will get noticed first. Just make sure you’re getting noticed for the right reasons.

Getting A Job In Digital Marketing

Think of your CV as a piece of marketing material. It is, after all, marketing you to a potential employer. What can you add to your CV that makes you stand out? What have you done that no other candidate will have done? What is special or unique about you?

Make a list of absolutely everything you can think of and ask your friends, uni classmates or parents what they think. Then flesh it out into compelling info on your CV. Just make sure that whilst you are adding something to make you stand out, you are sure the organisation will find it relevant or interesting and that it doesn’t offend!