Graduate FAQs

Is your training accredited?

At the moment no. We are a brand new business and we are proving the concept of pre-employment training for graduates. We are working on this though. More than anything we think the proof is in the pudding, and so far we have helped a fair few grads into employment. You can check out what they have to say here>>

Can you guarantee me work after the training?

We don’t guarantee work, but we will gladly refund your training fee if we don’t get you at least one interview with a prospective employer. We pride ourselves in hooking up talented graduates with employers who need digital marketing skills. That’s why our video training also covers things like – what it’s like to work in the digital marketing industry and how to create a winning application – in addition to the practical skills.

What is a Business Partner?

Our Business Partners are company’s who are either actively looking to employ graduate talent, and/or who have a live project for you to contribute to as part of your training, under our tutelage. The Business Partner is under no obligation to offer employment at the end of the project, although we expect this to happen sometimes. The recruitment decision, job role and salary are all determined by the employer, not by us.

What is a Mentor?

A Digital Marketing For Grads Mentor is the person you will report to throughout the training and who is the lead marketing person in charge of the Business Partner’s campaign and will be on-hand to give you any support and advice that you may need on your campaign plan.

What sort of computer equipment do I need?

You need a decent computer with a consistent internet connection and a web cam that can run video calls. At the outset you will need Skype installed (it’s free and it’s here). As part of the training the employer allocates a small budget for tools, so during the project you may be required to download additional digital marketing tools and software. Our team are on hand to help you with this if needed.

How much does the training cost?

The training costs £99 (inc VAT) for each Trainee. This is an admin fee that we charge to cover the set-up and administration of the course. We are not looking to make money from graduates as we know you don’t have all that much. We make our money by charging the Business a Project and Recruitment fee.

In certain circumstances the training fees are waived and you will be given a promo code entitling you to FREE training.

These circumstances are:

1. Your university careers service refers you to us

We are working with some University Career’s Services and keen to work with more. If they haven’t heard of us yet, they can still refer you. Simply ask them to send an email to providing your name and email address and their recommendation for you to get a free a training place.

2. You earn a FREE place by generating social referrals to our business

To do this simply download our Graduate Information Pack at the foot of this page and follow the referral instructions.

3. You earn a FREE place by introducing 5 of your friends who are also keen to sign-up.

Send an email to with the names and email addresses of your 5 friends (make sure you check with them first) and we’ll email you back with a promo code.

What salary can I expect to earn at the end of the training?

It really depends upon who you go on to work for, and what industry the business operates in. All of our Business Partners agree to pay the minimum wage (which is £8.45 per hour) should they take you on as an intern thereafter, and many of our graduates start on salaries of much much more than that.

Can I take the training if I’m not a recent graduate?

Unfortunately not. Digital Marketing for Graduates was created in response to the fact that graduates who finish their studies do not have the digital skills that employers are looking for, and are repeatedly told to “work for free” to get some experience. We consider a recent graduate to be someone who has graduated within the last 3 years.

Am I guaranteed a place?

We have high demand for our training courses, and a limited number of places on each course. You will have to meet our eligibility criteria to get a place which involves completing an online form and chatting to one of our team first. We’re looking for grads with a genuine desire to work in digital marketing. To find out if you are eligible, fill out our simple application form and we will be in touch to take a few more details from you.

Do I need prior experience in digital marketing?

You do not need any previous experience in digital marketing. This course was created to help graduates get the skills and experience they need to work in the industry. If you do have some prior work experience you are still more than welcome to take the training.

How many hours a week does the training require?

We recommend you allocate 20 hours per week for 6 weeks. The first week is online video training and self-study, the remaining 5 weeks are spent contributing to a live campaign that is being run by your Mentor.

Can I do the training in my own time?

Most of the course can be completed in your own time. All we ask is that you make yourself available for the training calls with your Mentor.

Can I have time off, or go on holiday during the training?

Unfortunately not, each training programme runs over a 6 week period that we require our Trainees (and our Business Partners) to commit to.

Can I work in paid employment during the training?

This training is not something that you should squeeze in to an otherwise hectic life, nor is it something that you can choose to stop halfway through. You will have a very real responsibility to your Business Partner to contribute to their project. All that said, we understand that you have bills to pay, so if you are in part-time employment that is fine, but if you are in full-time employment or study and plan only to work weekends and evenings it is unlikely you will have the time to give justice to the course.

Can I choose my Business Partner?

Unfortunately not. As part of the application process we collect information about you and your interests, skills and experience to help get a good match – ideally we would want you to have an interest in that business. But beyond this we can’t guarantee anything. We urge you to view the training as a great opportunity to get real experience and a reference.

Can I run a campaign on a friend’s business?

You are more than welcome to introduce your friend’s business to us, to become one of our Business Partners, but we would recommend that you work on a different business partner’s project.

Can I devise my own campaign for the Business Partner?

Initially you will follow one of our digital marketing campaign templates to form the basis of your campaign research. Your mentor is always on hand to guide you, and to help you with any aspect of the campaign, so you will never be left fully alone.

Will the Business Partner hire me afterwards?

We work with businesses who are actively looking to take on entry-level digital marketing employees, but we cannot guarantee that they will take you on afterwards. The match is made in the hope that you suitably impress them and that their business also seems like a good fit for you. You are equally not obligated to accept an offer of employment if one is made.

What do other Digital Marketing Trainees go on to do afterwards?

7/10 Trainees go on to work for their Business Partner as a full time employee and 2/10 of our Trainees go on to secure roles with other digital marketing businesses (usually agencies) that we also work with.

Can I fulfil the training from outside the UK?

Unfortunately not, currently all of our business partners are UK based which means our Graduates currently need to be UK based too.

Hopefully these FAQs have answered most of your questions. If you would like to know anything else please just send us an email to And, if you’re ready to get started head on over here to reserve yourself a spot on our next training course.