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You will learn the in-demand digital skills that employers are looking for, and take control of your job search. 7 in 10 of our grads go on to get full time employment immediately after finishing the training.


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Our training is free to eligible graduates – so if you like what you see on this page we recommend you leave your details today so we can keep you posted on our availability.

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Who's It For?


“I’m a recent grad and I want a cool job in a high paying field so I can pay off my student debt.”


“I’m a student hoping to land a great job in a fun and exciting industry when I’ve finished my studies.”

First jobbers

“I’m actively looking for my first job in digital marketing. I have some work experience, but not enough knowledge to get hired.”

Apprenticeship trainees

“I’ve completed my apprenticeship, and I love digital marketing. I now want to learn more about all the disciplines.”

How Does It Work?

1. Flexible training for recent Graduates

Apply today by completing our simple online form. All your learning is done remotely and online and is built to be flexible enough to allow you to continue with part-time employment.

2. Get a solid foundation in digital marketing.

You’ll spend a week completing a series of video training modules that will give you the foundation digital marketing knowledge you need to take on your first campaign.

3. Put your skills to work for your new boss

Once you’ve passed the training with flying colours your online profile will be put into our Hiring Hub for potential employers to see. From there the businesses can choose to contact you directly for an interview.

What's Included?

Watch Video Tutorials

Our video tutorials teach you the vital digital marketing skills you need to take on the employers campaign.

Unlimited Resources

You’ll have access to our bank of digital marketing campaign templates throughout the training and beyond.

Work On Live Projects

Every training programme includes live project work so you will have evidence of your new skills to show off at an interview.

Lifetime Support

Get lifetime access to our community of digital marketing graduates and professionals.

Learn From Your Mentor

Every trainee is assigned a mentor who is an expert currently working in the digital marketing industry.

Industry Updates

We’ll keep you abreast of key industry updates (for life) through our DM4G monthly training newsletter.

Which Subjects Do You Cover?

When you apply for our training you can let us know which of these 6 disciplines you are most interested in working in.

Search Engine Marketing

Fancy diving into the world of Google and learning how to drive people to websites? Search Marketing is a vital activity for every business that has a website.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is the new kid on the block – but is definitely here to stay! Think one-click checkout, ApplePay, QR codes and the good old fashioned SMS. 

Ecommerce & Conversion

It’s not accidental that Amazon became the daddy of internet retailing. They did a lot of testing. Find out what makes you click the orange ‘buy now’ button and much more.

Email Marketing

A stalwart of marketing communications – crafting email that works requires a creative, a wordsmith, an analyst and a strategist. Could this be you?

Social Media Marketing

What could be better than tweeting, poking, connecting and liking every day? There’s more to it than that; but if you’re a Facebook aficionado – that’s half the battle won already.

Content Marketing

Calling all storytellers. You choose the medium (videos, blogs, images, webinars, podcasts…). Make it compelling, make it engaging and make someone click on it. Job done!