3 Mar 2016

Tell the story – YOUR story

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3 of 5 Things Most Recruiters Won’t Tell You

By now you’ve worked out how to treat the application process like a marketing exercise and you’ve narrowed down your specific points of difference. So on to the story…

Every great marketing campaign has an idea. And that idea will have a story or a narrative.

Take the campaign A Dog Is For Life, Not Just For Christmas. It’s actually over 30 years old and the campaign idea is so strong that it is re-used pretty much every year.  From hearing that slogan we instinctively know the sad story of the abandoned dog left in the street by the family or the children that have grown tired of him.

Just imagine if the recruiter heard your name and your story was instantly conjured in their memory – just from reading your CV once?

“Oh yes, Jack Prince, he’s the chap who managed to get 5,000 to pay him £50 each for a dance party he set-up and promoted. I want to see him.”

That is what you are trying to achieve with your CV.

You have a story. Everyone does.

The more you can get this to come across in your CV the more likely the interviewer will read it to the end. Show them that there is a theme coming through. Show them that you are a real person, not just a series of bullet points that could belong to anyone.

What is your biggest achievement or the thing that will make a recruiter stand up and take notice of you. How can you use your CV to tell your story?

Getting the hang of this stuff now? Tomorrow we cover why generic buzzwords are a load of BS.